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Riding Holidays based at New House Farm

Bring your horse on holiday and you can both enjoy a relaxing break in our beautiful, rolling Radnorshire hills. The farm boarders over 20,000 acres of open hill to the west with more to the north and east. In fact you can ride to the west coast of Wales using mainly bridleways and open hill.

picture of riders There are sufficient routes to keep you entertained for at least a week or use us as a stop, on your way to another farm.

We are also directly on the newly opened Radnor Forest Ride.

We have maps and directions which you may borrow. Alternativly if you would feel happier riding with someone who knows the area we can provide an accompaning rider.



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Facilities For Your Horse

We have four full size stables located in a barn, offering plenty of space and good ventilation for your horse. Our prices include straw for bedding and hay or haylage [depending upon availability]

We can also provide grazing although this may be limited just prior to hay making.

Horses are the liability of their owner during their stay and no responsibility can be taken for them by the proprietors.

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Brecon Beacons and Radnor (4 day) Loop


This Loop is a 4 day, 75 mile circular ride through the Brecon Beacons National Park and Mid Wales staying each night at a different Horse B&B.

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Take your own horse on holiday, or it is also possible to hire horses.

The ideal riding holiday with your own horse in beautiful Mid Wales



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This riding trail takes riders over very varied terrain and includes some of the best going that this area of Wales has to offer.

Although riders can enjoy long gallops along lovely grass bridleways and open hill, we tend to describe this holiday as sight seeing on horseback because of the stunning scenery. The views change all the time along the trail ride.





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